Home-Care for Seniors in Coeur d'Alene

Main Office: (208)664-0858  •  Bonners Ferry: (208)267-5070

We try to provide the right kind of home-care,
and no more care than you need.

Our Clients

Some of our clients are recovering from an illness, injury, or operation; some have chronic conditions; others find it difficult to do for themselves because of age. With our help all of them can remain at home, with minimum disruption to their routine.

When You Call Us…

We send an experienced nurse to assess the needs of prospective clients. The objective is to get to know the client, as well as the client’s home environment and personal preferences. From first hand observation, our nurse can determine the type and amount of care the client needs.

You incur no obligation when you invite us for a routine* assessment visit. What you get in return is a custom care plan, which is monitored and modified as needs change. Our expert clinical assessment puts your mind at ease by assuring proper care for the client.

* We also offer optional Geriatric Care Assessment which more extensive in scope.

Your Home Care Aide

The assessment visit results in a detailed list of client needs and preferences. These are matched against our large pool of experienced CNAs (Certified Nurse Aides) and homemakers who serve as home-care aides. We identify several staff members for the assignment based on their knowledge, skill, and availability.

The final selection is made by the nurse who did the initial assessment, who personally knows both the client and the aides. For bigger assignments, more than one aide is selected. Our clients usually like the home-care aides we select for them.

But if you don’t like our first choice for some reason, we will send someone more suitable the next time. Our goal is to find home-care aides you are happy with.

Ongoing Visits

Once you settle on the home-care aides you like, we try to have those same aides visit you from then on. That way you don’t have to get used to someone new every time.

All of our home-care aides are required to call the office at the start of every visit. The call only takes a minute, but it tells us that they are on duty. If not, we try find out what the delay is and, if necessary, send a substitute to your home.

Home-care aides are required to call the office at the end of every visit also. At that time, they give us a complete report of the visit. Their feedback allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our care plans. Plan modifications are made by a supervisor, with your agreement, and usually after a visit in person.

All of our supervisors are registered nurses. They visit every client periodically, even when all is well. The frequency of routine visits varies between 30 to 90 days, depending on the client’s situation. You or your home-care aide can request a special visit at any time. We welcome extra supervisory visits, because they assure service quality and customer satisfaction.