Home-Care for Seniors in Coeur d'Alene

Main Office: (208)664-0858  •  Bonners Ferry: (208)267-5070

Your Circle of Care includes us and many other people.
We recognize and respect everyone's role.

The different parties involved in your welfare have different priorities, but share a common concern for you. August Home Health strengthens your Circle of Care by supporting everyone's interests to the best of our ability.

Clients want to retain their independence. They don't want to become a burden on others, yet need physical assistance. Our aides provide that assistance.

Family and friends want to, but often cannot, look after their loved ones. Our aides and supervisors stand in for them. We work closely with family and friends to provide the kind of care they want for the client.

Health professionals and physicians want the client to get well and to remain well. Under the client's direction, our home-care aides can arrange doctor visits, drive the client to those visits, and also pick up prescriptions.

Financial guardians and trustees want the best possible care within the client's means. Our flexible care plans maximize the benefit received by the client. Our visit tracking system assures quality care and billing accuracy.

Insurance providers want client's long term care benefits to stretch, to guard against future contingencies. Our preventative supervision allows clients to remain at home longer, which is both economical and to the client's liking.