Home-Care for Seniors in Coeur d'Alene

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Here is what our clients say about August Home Health:

My caregiver is wonderful. She really cares about me as a person. She’s so honest I could trust her with a million dollars and not even worry about it. She always goes beyond what I need and I’m blessed to have her!

I know she loves her job. Even when she’s on a vacation, she is always glad to be back and that makes me feel good.

Roxanna B., Coeur d’Alene

August Home Health has always been there for me. Whenever I call the office they are always cheerful and meet my needs.

My caregiver, you can’t beat her. She’s one in a million. She takes initiative and it’s like we speak in one voice. If I tell her to do something, she says I knew you would want me to do it and it’s already done! She’s very dedicated and a real worker!

I would recommend your services.

Charles W., Coeur d’Alene>

I like my caregivers because they are lovely and caring people. They help me with my laundry because I can’t carry the loads. Dawn braids my hair and I like it when she finishes it. They make calls and keep me informed of my appointments and my medicines.

Sometimes I have to change the time they come because other things happen and they are always accepting and help me reschedule without any problems.

Peggy R., Coeur d’Alene

Becky is really good at what she does.

When I had my surgery and couldn’t use my arm she was there for me and thought of everything. She never left me wondering if I was going to need help after she left for the day. She would open bottles, set out my food, pull down my bed, and arrange my medications. She does a good job and it made me feel better even when I was hurting.

Kelsey W., Coeur d’Alene

Pure politeness out of both of my helpers. They are always on time and I can count on them.

When my money comes in and I need to go to the store they take me and I appreciate getting out. They help me follow our grocery list plus carry and put away the food. When my wife comes home she is happy to see things were done and dinner is ready.

Robert M., Coeur d’Alene